2014 Taipei Design & City Exhibition


2014 Taipei Design&City Exhibition

2014 Taipei Design & City Exhibition

On November 19, 2013, the International Council of Societies of Industrial Design (ICSID) formally announced the selection of Taipei as World Design Capital for 2016. The Taipei Design & City Exhibition, which was launched in 2012, is being held for the third time this year, and will continue to build on the results achieved by the previous two Exhibitions to share Taipei’s experience with the world. Having been designated as World Design Capital 2016, Taipei will be seeking to use this year’s Taipei Design & City Exhibition to build an international social design platform that can support exchange and cross-fertilization between the world’s most outstanding examples of social design, thereby helping to stimulate even greater achievements in this field. The underlying principles behind the holding of the Taipei Design & City Exhibition emphasize the important contribution that design can make to contemporary urban development. At this year’s Exhibition, there will be a particular emphasis on leveraging the experience of different countries to showcase the ways in which social design can help to integrate and connect people with the cities in which they live. The bringing together of these exciting international case studies and stories in Taipei is expected to have a powerful impact, providing inspiration for future design projects and initiatives.

  • Time: 2014/10/04 – 10/26 10:00 – 18:00
  • Location: Songshan Cultural and Creative Park Warehouse No. 4 & No. 5
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Notes from the Curator

by Eric Chuang

Diversity & Commonality – Being Unique vs. Being Universal

It was a great honor for the City of Taipei to be awarded the “2016 World Design Capital 2016” by Icsid(International Council of Societies of Industrial Design) in 2013. It is a much-celebrated status and also a tremendous new responsibility. Diversity has always been a highly treasured quality when facing the world’s ecological issues. It is also what makes our cities fascinating, habitable, and human. On the other hand, Commonality represents what one can always identify underlying our various habitats and society. In terms of design, Innovation is the key agenda to all current discussions and it prescribes to meticulously design, integrate, disrupt, and breakthrough in order to create values that are yet to be offered. Nevertheless, the true essence of innovation is not to change for change’s sake but to create “New Values” yet to exist or as an upgrade, for the benefit of our environment and society. Being a new member to the community of World Design Capital, Taipei City and the curatorial team boldly turned around the focus and open up to the global community of design teams and their brilliant, successful cases that created social values through its design, methodology, material, or attitude. We invite selected teams and their works to congregate in Taipei and dialogue, exchange and communicate so that these values are shared on a global basis. This is also a persistent effort to expand and extend the primary theme in 2013 – Adaptive City, a strategic vision unveiled by the Taipei City Government based on an organic, evolutional attitude for the future developments. Taipei City, a wonderful metropolitan, aspires to continue sharing its own with the rest of the world and carries the duty to become a collaborative platform for the global community.