2015 WDC International Advisory Committee Meeting

2015 WDC International Advisory Committee Meeting

To ensure that the WDC Taipei 2016 Project Team has global vision and smooth execution, the WDC Taipei 2016 Project Office has conducted discussions and creative brainstorming with the International Advisory Committee (IAC), which consists of 7 Icsid international partners with expertise in areas related to architecture, design, and marketing, every year since 2014, so that the events will simultaneously showcase local and global characteristics.



IAC Members


This Meeting was held from 2/9 to 2/13, discussing the following topics:

  1. International Design Week Forum and Design House Exhibition
  2. Marketing and Promotion Plans
  3. Local Event Plans and International Cooperative Proposals
  4. Signature Events


IAC Suggestions are summarized here in brief:

  • IAC pointed out that Taipei should present concrete links between local demands and local events. For example, discussion can focus on aged population related issues, such as E-Health facilities and equipment; with the same issue in aging society, Taipei’s experience can serve as a reference for other cities in the future.
  • IAC suggested that WDC Project Office should communicate and cooperate with local designers and their teams, integrating and utilizing Taipei’s existing strengths and resources, such as integration of ICT with social design to promptly communicate with the citizens the spirit of “Adaptive City”, so that everyone in Taipei realize how Taipei adopts more social designs and services through WDC related events to improve the life and living environment of its citizens.
  • Icsid strongly recognized many WDC related local projects, including community regeneration and interaction with students through Young Designers’ Exhibition, and hoped that WDC Project Office could provide detailed agenda and contents of these projects in the future, so that Icsid could recommend suitable international members or sponsors to take part in the events.

WDC Taipei 2016 Project Team regards IAC’s suggestions as future key directions for the planning of WDC Taipei 2016. This year, the team will continue the discussions with IAC and Icsid. In the future, the office will strive to comprehensively enhance quality of life in Taipei through design, and share with the world Taipei’s design prowess.

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