Taipei, a city to see Instagram Collection!

Thanks to everyone’s participation, creativity is breaking through and everywhere is alive with innovative ideas, making Taipei a city full of unique artistic energy. From the big buildings to the small alleys, Taipei is a city where it is worth your while to slow down and admire its beauty. Whether you are a designer, office worker, housewife, student, or whatever, we encourage you to join us and start a new adventure by exploring Taipei. Now for WDC 2016 show us your creativity and join us at Taipei ,a city to see !

 [TS_VCSC_Icon_Font icon=”ts-awesome-calendar” size=”26″ color=”#4b088a”] Event Time

From now until 17:00 on December 19, winners will be announced each Friday at 17:00 on our Taipei World Design Capital Taipei official website,

[TS_VCSC_Icon_Font icon=”ts-awesome-arrow-circle-right” size=”26″ color=”#4b088a”] How to Enter

Step 1: Upload a picture that you think best represents Taipei! and upload it to your Instagram and Facebook accounts.

Step 2: Use the hashtag #wdc2016 and include the link

Step 3: Take a screenshot of your post on Facebook and send it to with your contact info!

 [TS_VCSC_Icon_Font icon=”ts-awesome-gift” size=”26″ color=”#4b088a”] Prizes

Participants who enter the draw will have a chance to win WDC design ambassador Aaron Nieh’s limited-edition gift (1 winner) or a WDC gift bag (10 winners).

Reminder: The photos must be taken in Taipei. Photos not taken in Taipei City will not be qualified.

[TS_VCSC_Icon_Font icon=”ts-awesome-group” size=”26″ color=”#4b088a”] Winner

1st Week

  • 王x琪 0972xxxx728
  • 蘇x姿 0916xxxx777

2nd Week

  • 余x勳   0936xxxx94
  • 趙x楷   0912xxxx76
  • 戴x翊   0911xxxx25

3rd Week

  • 洪x茜 093xxxx816
  • 林x霓 091xxxx925
  • 王x琴 098xxxx051

4th Week

  • 羅x瑄 093xxxx173
  • 王x鋇 093xxxx649

Aaron Nieh Poster

  • 翁x坤 097xxxx016