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World Design Capital 2016 Taipei | photo
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2016.12.21 Convocation Ceremony

The Convocation Ceremony, the last of the International Signature Events to take place as part of World Design Capital (WDC) Taipei 2016, was held on December 21 . During [...]

2016.10.13-10.30 International Design House Exhibition

Centered around the theme “Improve the city with design”, the 2016 International Design House Exhibition highlights “Healthy Life”, “Ecological Sustainability”, “Smart Living,” and “Urban Renewal” across six pavilions. Local designers [...]


2016.10.18 The International Design Week Forum

The International Design Week Forum brought together organizers of design weeks from cities including Beijing, Chiang Mai, Dubai, Eindhoven, Holon, London, Tokyo Paris, Sydney, and areas and countries including Hong [...]


2016.10.15-10.16 International Design Policy Conference

The World Design Capital (WDC) Taipei 2016 International Design Policy Conference brought together leaders in design thinking from around the world in Taipei to share their ideas on the [...]


2016.10.13 Network of Cities Meeting

Network of Cities Meeting will welcome representatives from previous WDC cities and design-effective cities. It’s an important occasion for WDCs to discuss design, creativity, and public policies. It’s also an [...]


World Design Capital Taipei 2016 celebration of World Industrial Design Day

In 2007, International Council of Societies of Industrial Design (Icsid) designated June 29 of each year as World Industrial Design Day (WIDD). Through the organization of WIDD, Icsid reiterates the [...]


WORLD DESIGN CAPITAL TAIPEI 2016 GALA- ANNOUNCE WORLD DESIGN IMPACT PRIZE 2015-2016 AND Taiwan’s first Special Award for Social Design of the Golden Pin Design Award

TAIPEI, Taiwan , Mar. 18, 2016 — At an International Design Gala held tonight, Friday, March 18, 2016, at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Taipei–a stunning red-carpet design showcase [...]

Eataipei. A sensory exploration of the 2016 World Design Capital at Tent London

Eataipei, a series of immersive culinary performances, will take place at Tent London this September, introducing Taipei as the World Design Capital 2016 through a diverse presentation of contemporary [...]


2014 Taipei Design & City Exhibition

2014 Taipei Design&City Exhibition (Photographer: Te-Fan Wang) 2014 Taipei Design & City Exhibition On November 19, 2013, the International Council of Societies of Industrial Design (ICSID) formally announced the [...]