Creative Expo Taiwan (CET) 2014


Starting in 2010, the Ministry of Culture organized and launched the Taiwan International Cultural and Creative Industry Expo (TICCIE). Within four years, the scale of the TICCIE has expanded along with the awareness of the Taiwanese cultural creative brands that have been exhibited and established. The Ministry of Culture focuses on the main objectives of the TICCIE, provides cultural creative merchandise, services trade platforms and bridges the gaps between production, sales and distribution. In addition, it continues to convey the Taiwanese cultural creative industries transformation trends and values to the national public as well as internationally in order to increase the overall industry competition on a world stage. This not only maintains the superior position of Taiwanese cultural creative industries in the Chinese circle but also vigorously enters the global market!

“Creative Expo Taiwan (CET)” 2014 – 2017 Mid- and Long Term Plans

The distinguishing characteristic of cultural creative industries is to promote an overall life environment by applying creation or culture. Cultural creative industries are generally aggregated in the city regions with cultural activities, especially in an atmosphere surrounded by landmark buildings and historical streets which would attract a large segment of cultural creatives and establish small businesses in order to have a close connection with the everyday life of the general public. Creative Expo Taiwan (CET) 2015 will be held in three historical exhibition halls including Songshan Cultural & Creative Park (SCCP), Huashan 1914 Creative Park, and the Taipei Expo Park. At the same time, CET 2015 will connect with the surrounding cultural life circles. During the exposition, a variety of relevant activities will be combined with surrounding businesses to provide buyers, media and the general public an experience of Taiwanese high quality of life styles in all necessities. The central message of cultural creatives and the achievement of the exhibition goal are to lead a Chinese high quality style of life and to promote the trend of Chinese cultural creative industries!
Creative EXPO Taiwan Concept Advanced Exhibition

  • Time: Friday, October 3rd – Sunday, October 12th
  • Location: Multipurpose Exhibition Room in Songshan Cultural & Creative Park(The 2nd floor of the Tobacco Factory)
  • Subject: The new styles and contents of CET will be announced.

The Creative Expo Taiwan (CET) 2014 concept advanced exhibition establishes a new start of Chinese lifestyle based on the quality and uniqueness under Chinese culture of fashion. In Taiwanese brands, the fragrance of rippling tea creates a wave of passing down a legacy of experiences as well as a relativity of all digital technology, life fashion and tactility. Long lasting eastern clothing which is an ideal Chinese fashion value is driven to be customer-tailored. You will experience the exquisite Taiwanese lifestyle which will surpass the ancients and amaze the contemporaries in your own eastern styled clothing and taste the mountain tea grown in the black soil of a simple-step digital technology.

Trinity Exhibition 2015-2017

  • Time: Wednesday, April 29th 2015 – Monday, May 4th (6 Days Total)
  • Location: Songshan Cultural & Creative Park (Design & Creation)、Huashan 1914 Creative Park (Crafts & Images Authorization)、Taipei Expo Park (Fashions)
  • Subject: In 2015, the three great joint exhibitions, including the Songshan Cultural & Creative Park, the Huashan 2914 Creative Park and the Taipei Expo Park, will connect their surrounding cultural life circles and transform into a L-shaped experience gallery of high-quality life.

In 2016, streets and space for creativities and cultural activity organizations will be connected. The streets gallery will be expanded to establish the future shape of Creative Expo.
In 2016, streets and space for creativities and cultural activity organizations will be connected. The streets gallery will be expanded to establish the future shape of Creative Expo.In 2017, connected cultural centers and little known stores of great potential will be expanded and become popular activities all over the city as well as promoting CET as an internationally popular expo.