Creative Roughness – Contemporary Israeli Design

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A somewhat unfamiliar and mysterious country to the people of Taiwan, Israel is strikingly similar, facing limited resources and restrictions at the international level. Israel is a young country with a long history.

The rich cultural heritage of this nationality and land can be read in the contemporary creations of Israeli designers. Youth means having a desire and striving to pursue the dream. This spirit is infused in Israeli design, working to transform a difficult situation, and giving it the reputation of “Start-up”. This spirit is also present in World Design Capital Taipei 2016. As the fifth city to receive this international designation, Taipei selected “Adaptive city” as its core concept and hopes to introduce design thinking into urban planning. Faced with limited resources, we use creative design thinking to improve city development and infuse creative processes in urban governance.

The second international exchange exhibition, Creative Roughness – Contemporary Israeli Design, is part of a range of exhibitions being held during World Design Capital Taipei 2016 and will open on July 9th until August 14th. Renowned curator Alon Razgour uses 4 key words to analyze contemporary Israeli design and unveil the mysteries of Israeli cultures. We invited you to explore the ways in which historical and cultural heritage are transformed using design concepts and creative methods to address limitations brought on by restricted resources. Design is a powerful to improve the way we live.

Yaacov Kaufman, Neil Nenner, 2 Rings, Spot stools, photo by Ariel Chain

Chairs designed by Yaacov Kaufman/Stools Designed by Neil Nenner

Image:  Ariel Chain

Related events for contemporary Israeli design

  • Exhibition date: 7/9~8/14 10:00~18:00 
  • Opening event—Design Marathon: 7/10 11:00~17:00


Viewpoint 1: Starting with a good idea

  • Time: 11:00-12:00, 10 July
  • Panelist: Shahar Peleg / Founder and designer of PELEG DESIGN Studio

Viewpoint 2: The ergonomics of materials

  • Time: 13:30-14:30, 10 July
  • Panelist: Jonathan Bar-Or / Founder and designer of Jonathan Bar-Or Industrial Design Ltd.

Viewpoint 3: Surgical device for operating on Parkinson disease patients

  • Time: 14:45-15:45, 10 July
  • Panelist: Alon Razgour / Art-Director and Chief Curator of international design exhibitions

Viewpoint 4: Under cover

  • Time: 16:00-18:00, 10 July
  • Panelist: Adi Yair / Founder and designer of ADI YAIR

 Handmade mass production: Developing a method for the production of manual features & mass production simultaneously 

  • Time: 14:00-16:00, 17 July
  • Panelist: Ohad Benit / Founder and designer of Studio Mishmaacool Art & Design

Better life and eco life: Smart Irrigation 

  • Time: 14:00-16:00, 23 July
  • Panelist: Gaby Lindenberg / Founder and CEO of Lindenberg Industrial Design


Material thinking + Craf Technology: High-end Home-made Personalized Hybrid Outcome + Ancient Future Objects 

  • Time: 14:00-17:00, 6 August

Panelist: Atar brosh / Founder and designer of Tag.Me.Not craftechnologies Studio, Adital Ela / Founder and CEO of S-SENSE DESIGN

Creative Roughness – Contemporary Israeli Design