Design Events in August


Here are the lastest events happening in and around WDC Taipei this Augest

Food Project Edible Tales

6/25 – 8/13 – Edible Tales

now – August 13
International Section of the Taiwan Design Museum
The Edible Tales exhibition curated by Alice Wang Design 王艾莉設計 in cooperation with the British Council Taiwan aims to encourage audiences to experience different forms of food and dispel stereotypes that exist around “perfect” food forms. The multidisciplinary exhibition will flip existing rules surrounding food on their head: visitors will be exposed to the funny side of food while discussing issues of social responsibility around food production, distribution, and consumption. Finally, viewers will have a chance to consider what the future might hold for food.
Israeli Design Exhibition

7/9 – 8/14 Creative Roughness: Contemporary Israeli Design (Exhibition)

Now – August 14
Songshan Cultural and Creative Park (Warehouse No.2)
The exhibition “Creative Roughness – Contemporary Israeli Design” will run until August 14. Curated by Alon Razgour, the exhibition displays almost 300 design works from 45 contemporary Israeli designers, each a representation of modern Israeli culture, which is influenced by its identity as a melting pot of various nationalities and ethnicities.
Kaave Pour

Kaave Pour, Creative Director of “Space 10”

8/5 – Open Call: Alice Wang Design – Fubon Forum – Kaave Pour (Forum)

August 5  7pm – 9pm
Taipei Cultural & Creative Building, 6th Floor
Creative Director of Space 10, Kaave Pour founded this creative company at the age of 14 and has since led a number of design and art related programs. Through the theme “Meatballs of Tomorrow,” Pour will share his passion, vision, and insights into art and design, as well as his thoughts on the future of food.
Adital Ela, founder and CEO of S-Sense Design

8/6 Creative Roughness: Contemporary Israeli Design – Design Marathon (Forum)

August 6, 2pm – 5pm
Songshan Cultural and Creative Park (Warehouse No.2)
Atar Bosh, founder and designer of Tag.Me.Not craft technologies studio, and Adital Ela, founder and CEO of S-Sense Design, will discuss and share their personal experience in material thinking and craft technology.
Lanterns made with paper

8/6 The Paper Cutting and Woodworking Art by Chih-Hsu Chen (Workshop Series)

August 6   1pm – 6pm
Da Qiao Community Center (No. 7-1, Yan Ping N. Rd. Lane 104, Sec 3, Taipei City)
This summer, 大橋工舍 Da Qiao Atelier, has put together a series of workshops that focus on the art and design of paper cutting and wood working led by artist Chih-Hsu Chen.
Image of Animal by Yinke

8/6, 8/13 – Meet Taipei: Designer Tea Party – Image of Animal by Yinke (Workshop)

August 6, 5pm – 7pm
August 13 (Two Sessions) Songshan Cultural and Creative Park
Designer Yinke uses her unique serigraphy (silk screening) imagery to tell stories that raise awareness for animal rights. Participants in this workshop will create their own handmade silk screen products.
DAA , original origami designers

8/7 – Meet Taipei: Designer Tea Party – Origami Experience by Daa

August 7 Songshan Cultural & Creative Park, outdoor plaza 5pm – 7pm
Tea culture is an important tradition in Taiwan–locals are among the highest consumers of tea on the planet. During this WDC Tea Party, origami designers DAA (嘖嘖嘖) will lead a workshop in the art of folding, teaching participants to create their very own paper tea cups. Don’t miss your chance to learn about this ancient art.
Floral design image

8/14 – Meet Taipei: Designer Tea Party – Floral Trainee .

August 14 ,3pm – 5pm, 5pm – 7pm (two sessions)
Songshan Cultural & Creative Park, outdoor plaza 
Specializing in dried flower arrangement, participants in this WDC Tea Party workshop will be able design their own arrangements with the guidance of Floral Trainee . 花草練習生. Two sessions will be held, the first, titled “People who pick flowers,” will show participants how to properly cut flowers from the ground, and the second, titled “To manicure a flower,” will teach arrangement techniques.
Designer in Residence

8/17 – Designer in Residence: The project of Waste Craft (Workshop) by Victoria Ledig

August 17
Place: TBA
Time: TBA
German-native Victoria Ledig will lead her first workshop as part of the Taiwan Designer in Residence 2016 program. Titled “The project of Waste Craft,” participants will be able to think, create, and design new uses for material from some of Taiwan’s biggest factories.
Mountain's Animal Studio

8/20 – Meet Taipei: Designer Tea Party -Mountain’s Animal Studio (Workshop)

August 20, 3 – 5pm, 5pm – 7pm (two sessions)
Songshan Cultural & Creative Park, outdoor plaza
Join ceramists Mountain’s Animal Studio at Songhan Cultural & Creative Park in the outdoor plaza to take part in their two workshops titled “Creations from scratch” and “Party animal.” The first workshop will demonstrate how a simple ball of clay can be shaped into miniature animal sculptures. The second workshop teaches how the proper use of color can bring these sculptures to life.
REnato Lab focuses on breathing new life into "waste"

REnato Lab focuses on breathing new life into “waste”

8/27 – Open Call: REnato Lab design workshop

August 27
Place: TBA
Time: TBA
WDC Open Call partner REnato Lab will once again host a design workshop to help raise awareness to their Open Call project, Green Ocean. More details will be released in the coming week.
Designer in Residence: Charlie Evans

8/28 – Designer in Residence – The Project of Body Building by Charlie (Workshop)

August 28
Place: TBA
Time: TBA
UK native Charlie Evans, a Technical Tutor from Goldsmiths, focuses on body building, life quality, and health. Looking at the design of the human body, his research in Taipei is focused on local rituals and practices that help the body. Inspired by the world of professional wrestling, which he views as a combination of theatre and combat, Charlie will lead a workshop based on his findings and experiences in Taipei.