urban innovation

Topic│Urban Innovation

This exhibition, combining issues regarding urban life and social design, examines the four issues faced by global cities through design thinking: Life Quality and Health, Ecological Sustainability, Smart Living, and Urban Regeneration. Previous WDC cities and those developing the future through design are invited to join the event to share cases of social problems solved through design and the trends of mobilizing urban development through design.

Pavilion I Exhibitors

Martin Pabis für perludi gmbh


OrganizerAustria Design NET

The exhibition shows design quality, technological know-how, a strong innovative potential, a passion for design, and Austrian products resulting from this felicitous combination in an economically prospering country. “It is the goal of our regular participation in the World Design Capital project to demonstrate the strengths, potentials, and expertise of Austria’s creative and design scene to establish networks on a long-term basis, and to intensify and consolidate the economic cooperation with partners from the host country. The exhibition in Taipei will be complemented by an exchange workshop in which Austrian designers and businesses will have an opportunity to meet prominent representatives from Taiwan’s economic and political scene,” Bettina Steindl, head of designforum Vienna, describes the presentation and exchange concept for the World Design Capital Tapei 2016.

Audi R8


The German pavilion, SYMBOL KRAFT GERMANY, is a collection showing the power of German design. SYMBOL KRAFT is a German word that represents the aesthetics of the industrial and design industry: powerful, meaningful, and striking. Through the powerful German design, SYMBOL KRAFT GERMANY is seen everywhere in life, from industries to societies.

India Exhibition venue



Theme 2 – Indian Geographical Indications products – balancing Tradition, Heritage & DESIGN.
Ethical & Ecological Home and Fashion products through the balance of Tradition Heritage& DESIGN for the development of a sustainable supply chain from FARM to FASHION to HOME LIVING benefiting the very marginalized producers of the Community through FAIR TRADE.

Knowledge Capital-Osaka
ExhibitorsKnowledge Capital-Osaka

TopicKnowledge Capital Came from Osaka, Japan

Knowledge Capital is a centre for intellectual creation where people create new values through the interaction of knowledge. It is a core facility in Grand Front Osaka, a new complex in the very central area of Osaka, developed by 12 private companies. As the business centre of Kansai region, Osaka has been supporting Japan’s economy and nurturing vibrant human resources since olden times. At the WDC, Knowledge Capital will present the whole activity of this intellectual exchange as it is happening in, Osaka, Japan, with 6 Knowledge Capital participants such as companies, universities, research institutes, and creators exhibiting their projects of advanced technology combined with Japanese contents and ways of displaying.


Topic│Technic × Idea

Integration of technology and an idea creates new products and values.

From 2013, Yokohama City has been developing a project which promotes new product development by multiplying technological competence of companies in Yokohama by the creator’s ideas. It is a new model, creative industrial development project. This project uses the coordinating team that is composed of members with enough experience. The team not only introduces creators, but proposes a business plan laying out business goals, based on its understanding of company’s circumstances and issues. It then makes matches the plan with best creator for it.

Pavilion II ExhibitorsI


Topic│Across Chinese Cities – Ideas in Action

Organizer│Beijing Gehua – Rizzoli Design Communication Co., Ltd

Supported│ Beijing Design Week

The exhibition corrals projects that reflect upon areas of practice and research Beijing Design Week has long supported as an incubator for design ideas and actions that bring positive impact to critical phenomena of urban, social and economic transformation. The core project presented in the exhibition consists in an unprecedented publication corralling multidisciplinary projects linking conceptual and practical strategies of design enactment that mobilize precarious relations of production, inheritance and place into new conformations of balance.

Exhibitors│Cape Town

Topic│The Story of an African City: Cape Town, World Design Capital 2014

Organizer│City of Cape Town

This exhibition tells the unique story of the 2014 World Design Capital – Cape Town. Through a series of images and captions we highlight some of the key projects launched and showcase the progress made since our year in the spotlight.Since 2014, the City has made significant advances in harnessing the power of technology to broaden access to high-quality digital public services; create new digital channels for interaction with our government; build the competitiveness of the City’s ICT-enabled industries; open up the City’s data to be utilised by the business and social sectors; and empowering residents by bringing them closer to opportunities through connecting them to the internet.


Topic│Taipei – Eindhoven Portal

Before you lies the project proposal for the ‘‘Virtual Design Link’’ between Eindhoven and Taipei during the Dutch Design Week 2016. This will be the first collaboration of its kind between these two major Design Cities. The proposal goes into detail on the various options that in the end, shall provide one meaningful and integrated solution for the exhibition and future development.


TopicNew School Helsiki

Helsinki is a former WDC city (2012) and they are very excited to be taking part in Taipei’s year as World Design Capital. Helsinki wants to be the most attractive city for people and companies that work for a better world. At the same time, they want to make life increasingly smooth, comfortable and fun. They are people whose passion is to solve meaningful problems and create the world´s most advanced everyday life. By combining these two actions, Helsinki has a unique opportunity to distinguish itself from other cities. Helsinki is a city of good deeds.


TopicDESIGN = Business = Ethics= Culture

How to establish your business? How to write a proposal and a contract? How to build a fair relationship with clients? How much should you charge for a design fee and a copyright? How to protect your design? The Alliance franants to b designers (AFD)—the French Designers Alliance—informes professional designers from all disciplinesand helps its members to deal with legal issues.

The French Designers Alliance (AFD) is the first and the widest trade union of designers in France, a common foundation for independent, firm owner or in-house designers of all disciplines (messages, products and spaces). The AFD
informes professionals about their Code of Ethics and informes SMEs or institutions about contest and public procurement best practices.

The French Designers Alliance (AFD) constantly shares information about the vitality of design in France. Also, the AFD remains to be the best partner for designers’ professional organizations in Europe and in the world, in communication on economic, environmental and cultural challenges of design and to define common actions.

Venue of Swiss

Topic│Permeable Architecture For Ecological Sustainability

Organizer│ Design Center of the Philippines

All cities must be adaptive, and in essence, progressive in nature to be able to continually improve our way of living. In adhering to the 2016 World Design Capital Theme of Adaptive City – Design in Motion, we identify and feature several opportunities in the application of Permeability to architecture and design. The Cocoon demonstrates Permeability applied as an architectural solution—a protective covering for undergoing transformation in a phase of progress and evolution. It is an organic pedestrian architecture, both adaptive and for those in motion, accepting light and ventilation that also offers fast constructability through simple methods and readily available materials.


TopicSmart Living – Swiss Origin

Switzerland is known for its natural landscape, craftsmanship, and innovativecapacity.
The Swiss Touch in Landscape Architecture-Landscape architecture continually transforms the environment and the way we approach it. The development of public spaces in urban and peri-urban projects is now the focus. It concerns the management of green spaces within the city and the creation of parks and gardens. It also deals with the integration of waste land and agricultural terrain into the landscape. Swiss landscape architects privilege formal beauty but also place emphasis on the ecological context. The need to respect both the spirit of a place and its history yields designs which combine, in equal measure, an extreme sense of rigor with elegance.
Human-centric Design and Life-This section of the exhibition showcases how design is integrated into our daily lives via simple objects. “Smart Living” is achieved through simplicity, legibility, and objectivity as the design style.

BMW highRes


The BMW Group adopts a broad, flexible approach to best meet the new challenges of changing mobility needs, today and in the future. This ensures that both customer wishes and future legal requirements can be taken into account. Fast-growing megacities, on the one hand, and dwindling resources and challenging legal stipulations, on the other, demand innovative concepts and flexibility. BMW is conducting active research into improved concepts with cost-cutting potential, such as innovative tank and refueling technologies in combination with new fuel cell cooling concepts. As with the BMW i brand, specially designed vehicle architecture would appear to be the best approach to exploit the potential of this technology and maximize customer benefit with a view to future series production.

Rado True Open Heart is crafted in polished

TopicDesigner’s edition – TRUE DESIGN

To commemorate 2016’s collaboration, Rado invited two of Taipei’s most acclaimed graphic designers, Leslie Chan and Aaron Nieh, to create two special editions of the ceramic Rado True. The design brief from the Swiss watch company? Lightness &minimalism. On Chan’s watch everything is white and shiny, from the case to the three-link bracelet to the dial with an origami pattern stamped in slight relief. Nieh went in a matt and grey direction. The case is matt, the hands and the dial are equally matt – and the strap is a rather rough, casual yet energetic NATO textile strap with grey leather details.

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