Open Selection for CEO of WDC Taipei 2016

2016 WDC Taipei CEO open selection

WDC Taipei 2016 CEO Open Selection

From Facebook of Mayor Ke Wen-Je


Ever since I joined the mayoral election, I have strived to utilize talents in the private sector. This principle is adopted in the selection of members of the election team, as well as the selection of top-level officials in the city government. Therefore, the launch of online open selection for the CEO of WDC Taipei 2016 today is simply a continuation of my political belief.


In fact, my vision for the new form of politics is to turn “values” into “habits”. Consequently, my administration will enable the citizens to see the diversity and professionalism of the talents brought to Taipei City Government by this system. In the next four years, I will continue to inject the political values I believe in into the daily life of Taipei’s citizens; and hopefully, “open and transparent, citizen participation” will no longer be something we have to explain one day, as this concept will become the foundation of this great city, just like air and water, deposited in the DNA of each and every citizen.


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