Open Taipei to The World – International Design Open Call 

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International Open Call program a highlight in World Design Capital Taipei 2016 year-long calendar of public and industry design events. World Design Capital® (WDC) Taipei 2016’s Open Call initiative will see innovative international organizations and groups like CONTINUUM(USA, Italy, Korea, and China), the United Nations University (Germany), and the British Council join forces with Taiwan-based counterparts.

Together, the Open Call teams will bring a multitude of carefully researched social design interventions to Taipei residents during the WDC Taipei year–from playgrounds built of junk to inner city recycling vending machines, traditional food re-design to experimental lunch schemes.

This proposal wishes to build a ``communal-eating system`` which connects production with consumption. This opportunity comes from local small-scale farmers and couples without children at home. Local farmers can supply fresh ingredients for couples without children to prepare their boxed lunches, giving those who often dine out a new healthy choice, as well as turning this offline service into an online sustainable service. IxDA is an international NPO which focuses on interaction design, while CONTINUUM is a design consultant company with over 30 years of operation.
By 2060, four out of 10 Taiwanese will be over 65 years old and two out of 10 will be over 80. The ``5%`` estimates that over half of the NT$40,000 per person spending on healthcare expenses will be spent on the personal caregivers. If multiplied by the average number of years (7.3 years) caregivers are needed, a person’s expenditure for his/her health will be NT$2,200,000. This hidden market is still untapped. 5% built a communityoriented elderly care system and smart living environment for 1-2 Taiwan daycare centers with their ``living lab`` plan.
Optogo will work with WIKICITY from the Netherlands to build an online platform for citizens based on the ``Future Taipei`` theme. This platform will serve as a focal point for municipal issues, and invite citizens to discuss and integrate them online in order to simulate the appearance of a future Taipei. Optogo is also going to take Taipei ``to go`` to the World Expo this year through their ``OPEN CALL`` plan.
The Taiwan Environmental Protection Agenc's statistical report indicates that Taiwan uses over 1.5 billion beverage cups per year, with a recycling rate of less than 10%! REnato Lab takes Taipei's recycling problem as a starting point and builds a complete circular economic system including applications which designers, manufacturers and recyclers can use.
The goal of ``snack internationalization`` means transforming night market snacks and improving school lunch and box lunch recipes. It also means triggering ideas from crowds about how to rethink food’s ingredients, tastes, presentation, packaging and relation with the environment. British food performance group Bompas & Parr is invited among others. Alice Wang is going to use her expertise in interaction design to trigger thinking about positives and negatives.
City Yeast and Spain's Basurama collaborate to give mundane parks a huge transformation! According to City Yeast's preliminary research, ``Taiwan's parks are often like pre-formed plastic with monotone forms and materials. They are very safe to play in, but really boring.`` They will apply ``Participatory Design`` to collect opinions from residents, neighborhood leaders and park management offices during the early stage of research, engaging them in the development process. Basurama is a NPO from Madrid, Spain. Their project in Cape Town used over 5000 meters of tape to stick 240 kilograms of plastic bags together to create a giant gas-filled balloon, in order to increase marine pollution awareness. 6 關