Topic│ Taipei Issuuuue

Curator│Agua Chou, Director of Agua Design

 Co-Curatorial team│5% Design Action, Chinese Institute of Urban Design + Cxcity, City Yeast x basurama, Alice Wang Design, Continuum & IxDA Taiwan, E-Ti x REnato lab, archicake

“The depth of a city’s culture lies in its connection between life and design.” ” This exhibition, linking 6 international open call teams, 8 international designers in residence, and the projects for introducing design to public policies in Taipei, explores life issues closely related to us in diverse perspectives and mind-sets. With Taipei as the starting point, the exhibition acts as the stage and promotes change through design so that everyone has the chance to participate in the planning for the blueprint of Taipei City‘s development in the future.

The exhibition, Taipei Issuuuue, is an exhibition with life; everything you see and feel might influence your thoughts in life. We use design to improve the living environment of Taipei citizens to condense people’s collective consensus of their investment of life. Taipei Issuuuue is an exhibition aiming to allow more people to understand the value of design. This will be a new experiment to challenge and to invest the future of the Taipei city and its 2.7 million citizens. Agua, the curator of Taipei Issuuuue mentioned that,” World Design Capital Taipei is not about showing the charm of the designers, neither the aesthetics on the surface, but a collective movement. Our energy is enough to lead us to a better Taipei.” Taipei Issuuuue contains design teams, international collaboration, designers in residence, and gov­­ernmental transformation and so on. Together, this exhibition discusses the shift in thinking, the raising issues that influenced by the innervation of design in Taipei over past five years. We hope this exhibition will gather more strength for making a change in the city.

Issue Revealing

Issue, is a debatable topic, It is like a needle that inserts the most sensitive nerve in the society. This section expounds the issues that are happening in Taipei with simple sentences and precise words. This will be as the index of a book, which draws the outline of Taipei Issuuuue. By pinpoint out the key philosophies, these will guide visitors to resonate with the issues, and stimulate their conversation with exhibitors. Taipei Issuuuue contains various issues of Taipei that contributed by design exports from more than 10 countries. Taking Taipei as a start, it triggers people all around Taiwan to rethink and take action on the issues.


Into the interview section, there will be several screens continuously broadcasting thoughts from curator teams, and the sceneries of life in Taipei. Designers, citizens and the government will come to gather and talk about the vision and belief of the city.

Taipei Now and Future Investment

Moving towards the current state in Taipei, this section will present what surrounds us, and the issues occurred from the past to present. We need to see the opportunity to change in these situations and continuously keep it in mind and make the change. We bring designers, the government and people to exchange thoughts with each other, to explore the possibilities of the issues with multi-dimensional view and extend its definition. Everyone who participates in the exhibition can become the strength of this movement and become the link of the future with the city.

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