“Taipei poised to take its place as an international design capital “

Designs on a World Stage by Design Days Dubai

By Designs on a World Stage | News | Design Days Dubai 2014/2/17

Taipei has been selected as the 2016 World Design Capital (WDC), the International Council of Societies of Industrial Design (ICSID) announced Monday, November 18.

As a city with different cultures:Japanese; Dutch and American. Taiwanese designers are extremely adaptive and open-minded and that has created a thriving design industry plus traditional crafts such as bamboo weaving and wood carving .

For Design Days Dubai 2015, Taipei has selected many highly representative works from designers using handicrafts and materials from the traditional world “to re-explore the texture of living,” as Ben(Producer of Taiwan Designers Week and Executive Director of Taiwan Designers Web) puts it.

It is the country’s ability to look back whilst constantly moving forward that drives design in Taiwan according to Ben. “We have many resources and our challenge is to use these to our strength, assimilating old and new in different ways and constantly pushing ourselves to develop our unique design philosophy.”

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