Curator│Wei-Lang Lee, Co-Founder of Afterain Design Studio

Stone-wearing, a power that seems never ends.
It’s the outcome of outward breakthrough and inner penetration.
Represents the persistence and effort of Taiwan design.
See our insistence for design aesthetics.
Little by little in accumulation, we make efforts to pass down the culture.
Let the world see Taiwan’s unique style in design.
Through the spirit of stone-wearing, breaking upward and rooting downward in a difficult environment,  you can find the design power of Taiwan.

Exhibition Introduction-

The Power of Taiwan Design Hall, with “Breakthrough ” as the theme, invited many Taiwan brands from different industries to co-exhibit, presenting the design power of Taiwan. These brands have profound background of oriental culture, through continuously innovating and aggressively linking up with the world, they have created a stunning image worldwide. Through design, these brands not just catch more attention but promote the upgrading of industry, having industries joining in makes design even closer to our life. Design is not a target, design is all around you and me.

Exhibitors│3,co, T-HAM, Xcellent, JUSTIME, Gallery Chuan, PROAD identity, BESV, zec zec

The Theme Concept

Taiwan has faced many difficulties all the way under the condition of limited resources, but with the stone-wearing spirit, Taiwan brands always break it through and show the world their brilliance. The Theme Concept Aera features Endurance, Breakthroughs and Penetrating to represent the design power of Taiwan.
Endurance, to pass down Taiwan’s design from generation to generation.
Breakthroughs, to show the design energy of each brand.
Penetrating, to see the innovation ability of design.

The Enterprises

We invite eight Taiwan brands of different fields to show the design energy of Taiwan’s industries.

Endurance in creativity
“T-HAM” is about to approach its 50th and ready to bring consumers a brand new experience in meat products.
“JUSTIME BRASSWARE CO.”, established for 40 years, surprises the world with its excellent bathroom brassware design.

Penetrating in innovation design
“PROAD IDENTITY” makes its mark worldwide by applying new oriental aesthetics in its design.
“ 3,co” produces uniquely exquisite porcelain that reveals the elegance of life.
“GalleryChuan” combines art and design, opening a brand new field in crafts.

Breakthroughs in design energy-
“Xcellent” brings a whole new using experience through its beautifully-designed decorative lightings.
“ZecZec”, an emerging Crowdfunding platform, makes dreams come true through people’s power.
“BESV” builds E-bikes that give you riding experience beyond imagination.

Designed in Taiwan X Made in Japan

“Designed in Taiwan X Made in Japan” collaboration aims at combing Taiwanese adaptive creativity with high Japanese expertise. The joint design production will be in anticipation of a global promotion expanding towards Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

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