WDC Taipei 2016 – Build Up Taipei’s DNA of Design



“Adaptive City – Design in Motion” is Taipei City’s core appeal in hosting World Design Capital 2016. How can we apply innovative “design” to overcome the constraints that limited resources place on our city’s development, to pursue continual renewal and change in our urban governance, to create happiness in the lives of our citizens, to bring citizens a better quality of life in a livable city, and to create a forward-looking city with design vision? These are the goals and directions that Taipei City is constantly thinking about and seeking progress toward.


In 2012, Taipei City Government initiated the “Public Policy by Design(PPD),” which allows design thinking to spread in governmental agencies and expands public participation, hoping to satisfy citizens’ needs through design. Taipei City Government mobilizes every department and calls on designers and professionals of all fields as well as citizens to jointly engage in the collective collaboration in public policy by design. Through interdisciplinary design workshops and brainstorming meetings held by WDC Taipei 2016 Office, more than 40799 designers and professionals have joined in projects to expand the introduction of design into public affairs and fulfill creative transformation from citizens’ perspectives.

The WDC Taipei 2016 Office features the achievement of PPD in Taipei, perspectives of four domestic famous designers and other successful cases of PPD around the world to show citizens the power of design in driving positive change in the city.

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