WDC Taipei 2016 Takes Part in 2014 DesignEX in Sydney, Australia


Taipei Pavilion Fuses Creativity and New and Old Cultures to Exhibit the Warmth of “Home”

Calligraphic works by renowned master Tong Yang-Tze and illustrations by famous illustrator Jimmy—the oriental beauty of Chinese characters is fused with childlike innocence to set up Taipei Pavilion at 2014 DesignEX in Sydney.

“World Design Capital Taipei 2016” comes to Sydney, Australia, and uses its official signature color “purple” as the main color for its exhibit pavilion. In addition to works by Taiwanese master calligrapher Tong Yang-Tze and famous illustrator Jimmy, the pavilion also features sofas that incorporate Taipei’s cultural uniqueness, Red Turtle Rice Cake pillows that have successfully transformed traditional Taiwanese elements, and creative items, such as Taiwanese style floor lamp, collected by “Design Poet” Chen Jun-Liang. Through creativity, new and old cultures are integrated to give the most perfect display of Taipei.

The pavilion is co-curated by designer Chen Jun-Liang of Freeimage Design and Consultant Tony K.M. Chang of Taiwan Design Center. Taipei is a big family that is warm and friendly, which is why the concept of “Home” is specifically chosen for the design of the pavilion. With “hospitable” spirit, we sincerely invite every one to come to Taipei as our most treasured guests.

Greet the World with Great Designs! “WDC Taipei 2016” Unveils Signature Color at Sydney

To continue showing the world Taipei’s determination in hosting WDC 2016, Deputy Mayor Chen Hsiung-Wen will lead a delegation that includes Dr. Liou Wei-Gong, commissioner of Department of Cultural Affairs, and Taiwan Design Center to partake in Sydney DesignEX. The annual design event will be held at Sydney Exhibition Center from May 28 to 30, 2014 (3 days), during Sydney Festival. Taipei City is the only participant at this year’s Sydney DesignEX that aims to promote the city’s design image, and “WDC Taipei 2016” will also officially unveil its main visuals and signature color for the first time in a foreign country! Following Taipei’s participation at the 2012 Helsinki Design Week, 2012 Dutch Design Week, Design Indaba Expo 2013 in South Africa, and 100% Design 2013 in London, this is the continuation of Taipei’s strategy to promote the city’s design capacity and enhance international exposure.

Also, the City of Sydney launched the Sustainable Sydney 2030 long-term plan in 2005, and has designated the position of Chief Design Officer in the city government, striving to use design as the main driver for the city’s transformation. This is evident in the city’s strategic plans for sustainability and green transportation. This time, Taipei City Government will also meet with Sydney government, and participate in Vivid Sydney, the city’s annual design event, to proactively learn from Sydney’s experience, and establish cooperative ties between the two cities.
With passion and explosive creativity, Taipei invites every one to “be a guest” of Taipei in 2016, and be awed by Taipei City’s robust design energy!