Adaptive City – Design in Motion

“Adaptive City – Design in Motion” is Taipei City’s core appeal in hosting World Design Capital 2016. How can we apply innovative “design thinking” to overcome the constraints that limited resources place on our city’s development, to pursue continual renewal and… [Read More]

Putting design thinking into action

In 2012, Taipei City became the first government entity in Taiwan to lay on a series of courses in design thinking for departmental heads, laying a foundation of design thinking among city administrators, and also doing the groundwork for Taipei’s bid to host World… [Read More]

WDC bid video earns red dot and iF awards

To demonstrate that Taipei City is outstandingly well qualified to host World Design Capital 2016, we produced a stunning promotional video. The production team spent 10 months on the project, including two months of location filming and six months of… [Read More]

Sketching Taipei’s urban evolution

To prepare the international Bid Book that Taipei City presented for its application to host World Design Capital 2016, in the space of 10 months, including information gathering and discussions with 23 designers from many different fields, the project team… [Read More]

Design networking, international friendship

Thanks to the opportunities arising from our bidding to host World Design Capital, we have also actively forged links of friendship with cities internationally. For the Taipei World Design Congress in March 2014, we for the first time invited together in Taipei… [Read More]

Taipei Signature Color

The design of the WDC Taipei 2016 logo features a structured intersection of a latitude line and a longitude line, symbolizing a combination of rationality and emotion, and locating the coordinates of the livable city of Taipei among international cities… [Read More]

The Glory Moments of Taipei City Government bidding for WDC 2016

Since 2012, Taipei City Government has been eagerly to host international and local exhibitions, workshops, and international exchanges in bidding for the WDC 2016 title….﹝Read More﹞