WDC bid video garners red dot and iF awards


To demonstrate that Taipei City is outstandingly well qualified to host World Design Capital 2016, we produced a stunning promotional video. The production team spent 10 months on the project, including two months of location filming and six months of animation and postproduction. The editing process drew on interviews with 22 individuals and footage from 47 filming locations to distill the final video.

The video starts with an animated sequence of modern maps and images that show the thread of Taipei City’s development and express the overarching theme of an Adaptive City that has undergone a continuous process of growth and metamorphosis. The film features interviews with 11 internationally known designers, artists and cultural workers from various fields, including Lin Hwai-min, Ju Ming, Tong Yang-Tze, Chen Jun-Liang, Ray Chen, Chen Wen-Long and Shiatzy Chen. It stresses the concept of “design is for people,” and lets designers, products, and the city itself tell their own stories, bearing witness to Taipei’s uniquely nourishing cultural soil. A total of seven minutes in length, the video shows a unity of style from beginning to end, and its flowing images, superb animations, lively interviews and vibrant street scenes, accompanied by a strongly rhythmic musical soundtrack, vividly portray how Taipei is a city that loves design and has boundless design potential!

The effort and care that the city government and the production team put into making this video was recognized by a 2013 red dot award in Communication Design and a 2014 iF award in Communication, further projecting Taipei design onto the international stage to rank together with world-class design works.


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