WDC Taipei 2016 Logo


The design of the WDC Taipei 2016 logo features a structured intersection of a latitude line and a longitude line, symbolizing a combination of rationality and emotion, and locating the coordinates of the livable city of Taipei among international cities. The brightly beaming cross-shaped star of light at the center meanwhile represents a lodestar guiding our city’s future development, with Taipei City as our core spirit, developing comprehensively in all directions, transforming the power of design into living cells for urban regeneration and, through the power of design participation, injecting a richer innovative vitality, and giving rein to the city’s greatest environmental values.

As World Design Capital for 2016, Taipei has chosen purple as its signature color. Purple is created by blending red, yellow and blue: red for vitality and enthusiasm, yellow for cultural and creative activities, and blue for smart technologies, with the dual charm of being richly both unrestrained and elegant. It symbolizes Taipei as a design capital that has emerged from both cultural and human development and advanced science and technology, and fully symbolizes the city’s diverse development and constant striving for improvement.

Taipei Signature Color

“Taipei City plays host to WDC 2016 and hopes to realize its vision through “design thinking”. One of the plans going forward is to engage its residents in discussion on the betterment of the city. The future of the capital lies in its ability to evolve, to adapt, to set the wheels in motion.”- WDC Key Visual System Design Tram

The logo takes the form of an imperfect circle, a derivative of the WDC logo, with design elements in the state of reaching the final form. Three themed logos addressing on the ways the city can go forward are titled “Engaging the Community ”, “Connecting Information” and “A City Reborn”. An adaptive city, sets its designs in motion.

WDC Keycisual layout -flag
wdc key visual in 4 edition

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